With its high throughput systems,
POCARED offers a second to none ROI

High volume testing capabilities

Minimal lab footprint

Affordable disposable costs

Saving time, Saving costs, Saving lives

Final results
within 3.7 h

25 h decrease in time to results

15% bio-hazardous reduction

40% tests capacity increase

30% labor saving per sample

We have developed the only diagnostic system that automatically detects and identifies infectious diseases, within minutes.

Our clinical
lab platform


Direct Specimen, fully automated, Reagent-Free Microorganism Detection, Identification and Enumeration in minutes


A general-purpose, pre-analytical sample enrichment device based on a proprietary wet foam elution technology, able to concentrate any volume of liquid sample, at any concentration, down to 0.1ml. For enhanced testing accuracy, speed and ease of use.

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