To save lives,
we need to save time

Evidence-based diagnosis of infections, although optimal,is a lengthy and tedious process, and therefore, hardly used. Culturing consumes a lot of time which patients with infections simply don’t have. Instead, doctors revert to empirical diagnostics as method of choice to provide a quick treatment, which in turn leads to:

  • Misdiagnosis & mistreatment leading to disease complications
  • Increased antibacterial resistance
  • Higher in hospital care costs

Defeating AMR with accuracy and speed.

The overprescribing and misprescribing of antimicrobial drive the evolution of resistant bacteria strains.

Epidemiological studies have shown a direct link between antibiotic consumption and the emergence and dissemination of these strains – which is why microbiologists and infectious-disease specialists alike have advocated restraining antibiotics use.

Rapid and accurate ID, AST, MIC results enable healthcare providers to optimize treatment and avoid overprescribing or misprescribing antimicrobials, leading to better outcomes for the individual patient and overall public health.

POCARED’s CULTURE-FREE microbiology®

  • Detect, identify, and quantify pathogens in blood, urine, and other body fluids
  • Provide accurate AST, MIC results

Our Technologies

By combining a state of the art sample preparation technology and employing an advanced photon-detection technology, we’ve created the only system that eliminates the need to culture and can detect, quantify and identify organisms in minutes

Intrinsic Fluorescence Analysis (P-1000™)

POCARED’s analysis technology uses intrinsic fluorescence, optical data analysis and artificial intelligence to analyze the multi-dimensional optical characteristics of microorganisms. An advanced fluorometer uses UV light to excite the microorganisms in the sample into generating fluorescent energy (an auto-fluorescent signal). A photodetector captures the intensity and spectral content of the auto-fluorescent signal, which is then converted into a mathematical model used to provide the results.

P-1000™ for Labs

Wet-Foam Elution Sample Preparation

POCARED’s Sample preparation technology’s primary action is based on filtration onto a membrane filter, followed by the proprietary wet-foam extraction process. This technology enables reduction of background debris, removes inhibitors and recovers extremely low CFUs/ml, without impacting cellular elements. The SP supports the isolation and/or purification of cells, infectious agents, protein, and DNA

Sample Processor for Research


Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility technology

A rapid method for determining AST and MIC, with a turnaround time of 15 min., 2-4 hours post antibiotic exposure. Our innovative analysis is performed with flow cytometry measurements, using single fluorescent membrane dye staining as well as unique spectral intensity ratio analysis.