Rehovot, Israel, May 19, 2015 – POCARED Diagnostics, a leading in-vitro diagnostic and pre-analytical technologies manufacturer announces a breakthrough in real time identification of bacterial species and antibiotic resistance markers utilizing its proprietary technology in the P 1000. POCARED’s P 1000™ is a rapid automated platform that employs intrinsic fluorescence; optical data analysis and artificial intelligence to analyze multi-dimensional optical characteristics of microorganisms.

POCARED’s P-1000 has successfully identified 5 antimicrobial resistance markers: KPC, NDM, vanB, mecA and OXA.

Performance data will be presented at the ASM 2015 General Meeting, May 30 to June 2 in New Orleans, LA.

“Rapidly identifying bacterial species and their antimicrobial resistance markers provides the laboratory, clinicians and epidemiologists significant advances that assist in the care and management of the ill patient. POCARED is pleased to lead in the antibiotic stewardship efforts in the Healthcare setting” says Jonathan Gurfinkel, President and CEO of the company.

Increasing antimicrobial resistance is a global problem with surveillance of resistance a priority. The global market for antimicrobial resistance testing is greater than $500 million and is growing 5 to 7% annually. POCARED continues to develop solutions for today’s Healthcare issues. The P 1000 is revolutionizing the detection, identification and enumeration of bacteria and yeast together with their antimicrobial resistance markers in a few minutes directly from culture. It is a fully automated, reagent-free, real-time and easy to operate platform.

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POCARED Diagnostics Ltd is an in-vitro diagnostic and pre-analytics company utilizing cutting edge technologies to deliver next generation platforms. POCARED’s CULTURE-FREE Microbiology® technology is revolutionizing infectious disease diagnosis and practice with real-time automated results. POCARED’s P- 1000 ™ platform is fully automated, reagent- free, real time and easy to operate. It provides multi-source detection, quantification and species identification for bacteria and yeast in a few minutes directly from sample. This saves several critical days in reporting compared to current practices. POCARED’s SP is the next generation general-use pre-analytical platform which uses rapid filtration -based concentration. This technology introduces second- to- none organism recovery, viability and robust fractionation capabilities.

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