Rehovot, Israel, February 13, 2015 – POCARED Diagnostics Ltd. is an Israeli-based Diagnostics and Pre-analytical technology manufacturer with offices in the United States announced they have closed another $15 Million in funding.

POCARED Diagnostics Ltd. is the developer of leading technology platforms that dramatically improve the ability of practitioners and hospitals to implement evidence-based medicine, while reducing lab operating costs and improving profitability. The company raised an additional $15 million (milestone-based) in funding to complete its clinical trials and increase manufacturing capacity while preparing to commercialize both the POCARED P-1000TM and SP platforms.

The POCARED P-1000TM analysis platform offers direct- specimen, fully automated, reagentfree microorganism detection, Identification and enumeration, in minutes, by utilizing intrinsic fluorescence optical data .The SP is the next-generation sample processor delivering secondto-none cell recovery, viability and robust fractionation capabilities. These technologies will be as an aid in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

“These are exciting times for POCARED™ as we are closer to commercializing our first two platforms to make the POCARED™ revolution a reality” says Jonathan Gurfinkel, the company President and CEO. Mr. Gurfinkel goes on to say “The funding allows us to quickly build capacity in manufacturing and to begin development of further applications for the system.”

About POCARED Diagnostics, Ltd. CULTURE-FREE Microbiology ®

POCARED Diagnostics Ltd. Is an in-vitro diagnostic company utilizing cutting edge technologies to develop next generation diagnostic and pre-analytical platforms. POCARED Diagnostics Ltd. CULTURE-FREE Microbiology® is revolutionizing infectious disease diagnostics and practice with real-time results.

The POCARED P-1000TM platform is fully automated, reagent-free, real-time and easy to operate. It provides multi-source detection, quantification and species identification for bacteria and yeast in a few minutes directly from the sample; saving several critical days in reporting compared to current practices.

The SP is the next generation sample processing platform introducing second-to-none organism recovery, viability and robust fractionation capabilities. The SP is a general use, highly efficient rapid filtration-based, fractionation concentration platform. Biological particles, suspended in liquidform are concentrated from a feed suspension. Cells of interest are detached, intact from the membrane using an innovative wet foam formulation. The SP system delivers second-to-none cell recovery and viability.

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