POCARED's™ SP is a general use, highly efficient rapid filtration-based, fractionation concentration platform. This concentrates biological particles that are suspended in liquid-form from a feed suspension. Cells of interest are detached, intact from the membrane using an innovative wet foam formulation. POCARED's™ SP system delivers second-to-none cell recovery and viability.

The SP's unique sample preparation technology delivers speed, flexibility, and unmatched analyte retention, recovery and viability

Benefits of SP Process

Fast: Under 4 Minutes

The SP can accommodate any liquid type and volume

This methodology can purify, recover and maintain viability of extremely low CFU/ml samples.

The fractionation provides for isolation of more than one compound in the matrix in a single run.

SP does not damage the cell surface or cause the cell to lose oxygen or be depleted of nutrients.

Unsurpassed User-Definable Parameters

  • Elution Buffer
  • With/Without Sample Wash
  • Rinsing Fluid
  • Rinsing Fluid Volume per Wash
  • Input Volume
  • Input Container
  • Output Volume (Concentration Factor)
  • Output Container
  • Membrane Type
  • Number of Cleaning/Concentrating Sample
  • Fractionation Characteristics
  • Built-in Protocols
  • Built-in Decontamination Procedure



sp platform

The P-1000™ is currently under development and not available in the U.S