SP for research

POCARED’s Sample Processor (SP) is a general-purpose, pre-analytical sample enrichment device based on a proprietary wet foam elution technology, able to concentrate any volume of liquid sample, at any concentration, down to 0.1ml.

Overcoming sampling errors

Due to the small volumes and low pathogen sample concentrations used for analysis, which make sampling errors an almost given event, traditional microbiological methods for detecting pathogens include an enrichment step. The technician’s time and energy are spent on the slow and tedious sample preparation steps prior to analysis. Even modern analysis methods most often require a concentrated or “enriched” sample.

The SP is an automated, rapid bio-concentrator developed for modern microbiology. It is highly efficient and effective for concentrating bacteria, parasites, molds, fungal spores and fragments, whole cells, and viruses.


A higher level of efficiency and customization for users

Added controls and precision components provide greater recovery of organisms

Up to 40 sample preparation protocols

Consistency and exponentially improved detection

Reduction in infection incidences


Technicians hands-on time at the bench

Days waiting for growth

Considerable costs

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